Sabiha Dohadwala

Sabiha Dohadwala

Ecnatsiser, 2017
Hand woven jacquard, cotton and acrylic yarn
67.5 x 42 Inches (With Frame 72 x 46.2 Inches)
Crammed Between the Cracks 3, 2019
Hand woven, cotton, wool and acrylic yarn
43 x 29 Inches
Crammed Between the Cracks 1, 2019
Hand woven, cotton, wool and chenille yarn
35 x 26 Inches

Sabiha Dohadwala (b. 1995, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) completed her BFA in Fibre and Material Studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2018. Her works have been exhibited in solo shows at Online Viewing Room, Terrain Art, 2023, Interim, Mumbai, 2022, and in group shows at India Art Fair Parallel, New Delhi, 2023, India International Centre, New Delhi, 2022, Sutr Santati, Melbourne Museum, Australia, 2023, National Museum, New Delhi, 2022 and Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois, 2018.

Her works have been published in Opt West Magazine, Santa Monica, CA, 2023, WV, FMS Weaving Publication, SAIC, Chicago, IL, 2018 and Untitled 7th Edition, SAIC Untitled Magazine, 2017.

Sabiha approaches textiles as a site for integrating and disintegrating memories, images, and histories. Her works address the human tendency to forget over time and advocate a renewed understanding of ephemeral memory. She captures cultural histories and lived experiences through the act of weaving. The tactile materiality of textiles is ingrained with acts of remembering in the face of erasure.

Sabiha Dohadwala lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Rhythm of A Blank Wall, 2023
Hand woven jacquard and cotton yarn
30 x 36 Inches (With Frame 31.1 x 37.1 Inches)