In the last few months we have seen unprecedented times, the corona virus global pandemic, the cyclone amphan, locust swarms, migrant labour crisis, starvation deaths, massive unemployment, continued racism in the USA, declining economies, confused financial markets, senseless leaders, rise of superpowers, and an amoral media in the midst of all this, this rhetoric continues and compels us to think differently and device strategies as well as adjust to the new normal.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organisation officially declared the outbreak of a new virus, under the name Covid-19, a pandemic. The invisible threat has taken its toll on human life and safety, as well as the global economy and collective action, forcing isolation or restricted access to public areas as precautionary measures. Vacant, desolate streets and cities in the midst of social distress, financial uncertainty and climate crisis, echo the urban void and the urgency to remain vigilant and socially alert.

But what is this new normal? How do we define it in practical terms? During the unsettling times of a global pandemic and national lockdowns, which seem to have emerged out of dystopian fiction, what does it mean for earth and the anthropocene to remain on hold? Which are the challenges and the environmental concerns that are raised for an artist? How can social distancing and quarantine reshape artistic practices and environmental narratives? Has the real digital age taken off? Will this last forever? Will we no longer have physical intimacy without fear? Will we always be anxious about the future? Can anybody predict the future?

ALL IS NOT LOST 20:20:20 is a show of 20 young talented artists who respond to this crisis and yet forge their way forward. They are my selection as they have shown incredible talent and resilience over the years and I have followed their practices very closely to know this. Their work is intended to be a meditation on the uncertainty of the times we live in, and our very human, but futile attempts to hold on to experiences and memories.

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ALL IS NOT LOST 20:20:20 will be on view at Sakshi Gallery until 28th November 2020 from 11 am to 6pm,  except Sundays and public holidays

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We are taking strict precautions to protect you from the spread of covid-19, including continuous sanitisation of surfaces, requirement of masks at all times, and moderation on the number of people simultaneously inside the gallery space.  Please plan your visit by taking an appointment, or simply calling the gallery to inform us of your arrival.

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