Space 118 is pleased to present On Making, 2020 – a series of talks that delve into the age-old query of “how do we make?”

Whether their making is concerned with sculptures, exhibitions, spaces, or books – we invite artists and curators to trace the arc their methodologies have taken to this day, and probe how these might respond to the changing contours of tomorrow.

Join us on Zoom at 5 PM on Sundays from August through October , as we deep dive into our first set with Amanda Sroka, Bani Abidi, Diana Campbell Betancourt, LN Tallur, Murtaza Vali, Rina Banerjee, and Shahzia Sikander.

This talk series will be led by Phalguni Guliani – Space118’s Art-writer in Residence; under the keen guidance of Saloni Doshi, the Founder & Director of our studios.

Zoom meeting links to follow.