Starlyn D’Souza

Starlyn D’Souza

Untitled-3(Diptych), 2023
Drawing on Rice Paper with Resin and Organic found material
14 x 12 Inches each
Unity, 2022
Drawing on Rice Paper with Resin, Bone and Organic found material
33 x 26 Inches
Untitled-2(Diptych), 2022
Drawing on Rice Paper with Resin and Organic found material
12.75 x 7.5 Inches & 9 x 6 Inches

Starlyn D’souza (b. 1990, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) completed his Diploma in Fine Art from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai, 2011. He has exhibited in various group shows including at Kitab Mahal, New Delhi, 2009, Delfina Foundation, London, 2013, Tarq, Mumbai, 2016, Studio Hinge, Mumbai, 2019, and Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2022. He was also an artist-in-residence at What About Art, Mumbai in 2014 and 2017.

Starlyn D’Souza has experimented with assemblage, creating unusual structures out of biological detritus discovered along the Indian coastlines and fragments gathered while eating. Additionally, Starlyn creates detailed drawings and ink splatters that are based on the concept of development and decay as physical transformations and as the potential for new life.

“What follows death?” D’souza’s work investigates this query by using communication through death. New life depends on the unconscious connections that death fosters through the breakdown process. In this ongoing cycle, an attempt is made to examine deterioration as a facilitator, catalysing implicit growth. The piece itself is thus evaluated in an undefined context as an outlier of human perceptions.This poses a difficulty to how these channels communicate inside the realm of human perception. The intention is for the reader to approach the piece as a personal experience of perceived degradation before challenging social standards. Understanding that at least one factor will always circulate as a result of realising these conceptual motives in a cycle.

Starlyn lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.