Terms & Conditions for Sale


Space118, hereby, is committed to the ethical collection, retention and sale of artworks provided to us by artists in exchange for their residency/studio practice at our space.

All funds generated from the sale of artworks shall go towards the sustainability, maintenance and upkeep of Space118 and improvising all facilities provided to artists.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any of the artworks listed on our catalogue or website. By ordering any of our artworks, you would agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Specifications of the artworks to be supplied by Space118 mentioned on the website or in the catalogue are not intended to be binding and are intended only to give their general description.

All artworks are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. To the maximum extent permissible, Space118 makes no other warranties or promises about the artworks and any implied warranties are excluded.

All artworks are either framed or stretched and showcased as per the Artists instructions. Any reframing or additional presentation requested of the artwork shall be borne by its buyer.

A Certificate of Authenticity, provided by the artist confirming the originality and genuineness of the Artwork shall be given along with the artwork.

All negotiations and discussions regarding the artwork shall be undertaken in writing. No information exchanged verbally shall be considered binding.

Space118 shall not be involved or held liable for any resale, trade or exchange of artworks after its purchase.

Availability, Prices and Payment:
Space118 does not ensure that the artworks are necessarily available, and all artworks are offered for sale on subject to availability.

The price for the artworks is provided in the price-list given along with the Catalogue. This is exclusive of an additional 12.5% VAT and Delivery Charge which will be added to the order.

All prices displayed in the Pricelist are quoted in Indian Rupees and are non-negotiable.

Please note prices of artworks are subject to change in accordance to world art markets, popularity of an Artist’s works etc.

Payment for all artworks must be made by Cheque/Cash. All cheques must be prepared in favor of Space118. Upon receipt and clearing of full payment only shall we start processing the order. All our sales are final, non-refundable and non exchangeable for another artwork.

Artworks for delivery outside India may be subject to import duties and taxes based on custom regulations of the specific country. For deliveries within the country and abroad, the expenses of freight and transport shall be borne by the receiver at the time of delivery.

Space118 shall only provide information and required assistance in delivery options/methods. We do not take responsibility or risk of packaging, damages, loss or theft of artworks delivered.

All purchases shall be made by the buyer and not a representative unless mentioned to us in writing. Similarly we request your compliance to the above terms and conditions ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction