The Gazer, the Gazed & the Space in Between: Does Art Have a Gender?

Women found voice as artists only recently in terms of art historical practice, bringing with them a perspective that reflected their concerns and held up a mirror to a patriarchal circle of creating and consuming art. Modernism changed art discourses around the world, one of the most fascinating of which was John Berger’s pointing towards a male gaze in his book and BBC series, Ways of Seeing.

To discuss the male gaze, and a consequent female gaze, in art, we invited an eminent panel to talk about the marginalisation—if any—of art based on gender, and to create a deeper conversation around the territories women and men occupy in the creation of art and culture.
Our Panelists
Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Managing Trustee & Director, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum
Rekha Rodwittiya, Prominent Indian Artist, Feminist, Educator and Curator
Saloni Doshi, Art Patron & Collector, Space118
Kishore Singh, DAG (moderator)