Vikrant Bhise

Vikrant Bhise

Vikrant Bhise (b.1984, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) graduated from the JJ School of Art, Mumbai in 2011.

His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2019, CSMVS Museum, Mumbai, 2017, 9 Fish Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2016, CIMA Awards, Kolkata, 2018, etc. Additionally, Vikrant has received many state and national awards in India, like the All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society Award, New Delhi, 2018, The Indian Academy of Fine Arts Silver Award, Amritsar 2018, Art Society of India Award, Mumbai, 2017, The Maharashtra State Art Award, 2016, Lalit Kala Academy National Award, 2018, and the Bombay Art Society Gold Medal, 2018.

After completing his degree, Vikrant delved even more into his studio practice, which was inspired by everyday life around him. Struggles of the common man, racism, communalism, and changes in the attitudes of the society are some of the themes that appear throughout his work. Vikrants expressions on paper or canvas are like his daily diary. It is this response to the increasing violence in society and an unhealthy sense of competitiveness that has permeated into society today, and as a result of which man is forgetting his own human values. People are becoming increasingly insensitive to the increase in violence, morbidity, and ethnic strife. He combines these stark and often sensitive subjects with a contemporary Indian aesthetic, and innovative media experiments such as paper cutting and collages.

Vikrant lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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